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There are rules you know...

Feed the bunny, that's all you have to do on each and every level. How you accomplish this is where the challenge lies.

The world of Bomb Bunny Boogie is governed by a very simple set of rules, however there are subtleties. A good grasp of the rules will help you in your quest for bunnies with a full tummy.

  1. All objects and creatures; bunnies, carrots, gems, bombs etc are affected by gravity. If you dig out the soil beneath them they will fall.
  2. Objects cannot be directly moved around by the player, you must move them around via an external force, for example gravity or a bomb blast.
  3. Creatures are not bombproof. If any creature gets hit directly by a bomb blast it will get toasted. In order to move a creature with a bomb blast another object must lie between the bomb and the creature, for example, a rock or even another bomb.
  4. A bunny will eat any carrot it encounters, however, the objective is to feed all the bunnies, so where there is more than one bunny you need to get each one to just one carrot.
  5. Unlike carrots, any bunny can collect any of the gems within the puzzle.
  6. If you drop a bunny by more than three rows in one go it will be squashed, be sure to drop bunnies gently for a much happier bunny relocation experience. Other creatures are a bit tougher and can be dropped by any height.
  7. You can drop anything on a bunny, they don't like it and will grunt and moan at you a bit, but they wont get hurt. Which is nice.

Use Of Weapons

There are two types of explosive in Bomb Bunny Boogie, the traditional black bomb with a fuse and everything and the spiky landmine variety. Either type when detonated will destroy all of the immediately surrounding blocks of the burrow and send a blast wave out to the left and right of the bomb. The blast wave will push pretty any objects in its path including rocks, bunnies and other bombs if they've got space on the other side of them. It's worth knowing the difference between the two types of explosive, so pay attention, I'll be asking questions later.

This is your common or garden black bomb. You can trigger it in one of two ways. Generally you'd double tap on it to light the fuse, it will then explode a couple of seconds later. You can also trigger a bomb like this by detonating a bomb or mine in an adjacent location. The image below shows the immediate blast area.

Now this puppy is a mine. A mine is a like a bomb with an attitude. Sure it'll blow things up and move them around in much the same way as our rotund friend, but handle these babies with care as they're more than a bit highly strung. Tap one on its side, or drop it more than one row or even drop something on top of it from more than one row above and it'll go kablooie.

All of the soil in the area tinted red will be destroyed when this bomb is detonated. Any concrete in this area would also be destroyed. The rock would be pushed away from the bomb by the blast if there wasn't soil in the way on the left.

If the bunny was anywhere within the red area he would get toasted when the bomb went off. For example, it's never a good idea to set off a bomb with a bunny sat on top of it. Nope, not good at all.

If another bomb or mine was within the red area it would get triggered when this one went off. When triggered this way a bomb will still wait for its usual fuse time before it goes off, a mine however will go off immediately making chain reactions potentially even more catastrophic.

The one thing a bomb cannot damage is girders. These are made from some kind of indestructible metal, the composition of which we've yet to fully comprehend (it's indestructible, so we can't take samples. But I digress...).

Profiles and Leaderboards

The leaderboards allow you to share your high scores and best times with other players throughout the world when connected to the internet.

When you select a level to play the name, score and time that is currently at the top of the leaderboard is displayed along with your own best score and time.

If you've got the best score or time on a particular level it will be marked on the level select screen. If you are subsequently knocked off the top of the leaderboard a red exclamation mark will be displayed over the icon the next time you play.

This symbol indicates you currently have the best time on the leaderboard for this level.

This symbol indicates that you had the top time on the leaderboard, but have been beaten since the last time you played.

This symbol indicates that you have the top score on the leaderboard for this level.

This symbol indicates that you had the top score on the leaderboard but have been beaten since the last time you played.
Bomb Bunny Boogie supports up to three user profiles, this permits up to three players on one device. When you first choose an unused bunny you will be asked for a name, this is used to identify the profile on the device and also used as your identity on the leaderboards.

Every care has been taken to make Bomb Bunny Boogie as enjoyable as possible, but sometimes flaws can slip through. If you find any problems with the game or have any comments good or bad then please let us know. If you discover any hints or tips that you think may be helpful to other players we'd love to hear them too and may add them to this page.